Centurion is full of remarkable people doing remarkable things and the Centurion’s Person of the Year nominations roll attest to this.

48 individuals nominated
200+ nominations received

We would like to congratulate all our nominees for the amazing work they do in our community. The world might not know about their actions and causes but those that do think very highly of them. The world can do with more like you!

It is never easy to pick one person over another, especially when they are all so deserving. The following three nominees stood out by the sheer numbers of nominations received. And will be attending the award ceremony at the CLH Masquerade Ball on the 28th of October which will be held at the Centurion Lake Hotel

Sanmarie Lamprecht

Sanmarie runs a humanitarian cause called Angels Among Us. Through Angels Among Us and with the help of the community Sanmarie is able to assist needy families in Centurion with food hampers, clothing hampers and even furniture.

From an anonymous resident Sanmarie is the founder of Angels among Us in Centurion. I dont know her on a very personal level, but what I can say is the difference she makes in the lives of others in our community is admirable. Like others, she suffers her own pains and struggles in life, yet she is first in line to help where it is most needed. I would like to see Sanmarie be recognized for all her efforts, seen and unseen.

Cllr Ina Strijdom

Ina, serves as ward councillor for Ward 66, she also serves on the Community Safety Oversight Committee and works closely with the Drug & Cable Theft Units. In her spare time Ina is active at the Centurion Hospice and does humanitarian work under the residents in her ward.

From an anonymous resident She not only walk the extra mile, she runs it! And with a smile on the face. Ina is the Counsillor for Ward 66 and she truly look at the residents as her flock. She is always willing, able and available. I don’t know when she has time for family or sleep, and yet, she makes time. I am honored to work closely with her, and sometimes I can just bow my head because I don’t know where all the energy is coming from. She has a soft heart for the not so fortunate, she reprimands and pat you on the back in one sentence. What she does in a week, some people don’t do in a year. To sum up – Fearless-Iron-lady-with-marshmallow-heart. Well done, you deserve the “Person of the Year” Award without any doubt in my mind!

Cllr Peter Sutton

Peter is the Ward Councillor for Ward 78 and has spearheaded a number of projects to uplift the living conditions of the residents and businesses in his ward. Apart from being the ward councillor, Peter is also a member of various community organizations and has no problem getting his hands dirty cleaning up the environment.

From an anonymous resident Peter is the ward Councellor for ward 78 and his dedication and hard work has led to noticeable improvement in the ward and broader Centurion. He is actively involved in clean up action for the Centurion Lake and Hennopsriver and his actions has led to significant improvements in the river. The bad smell of the river, which has plagued resident in Hennopspark is well under control.

He also assisted in making Hennopspark a safer area and has addressed the security concerns and smash and grab incidents at corner of End and Rabie Streets. All streetlights in Rabie were repaired and floodlight erected to make the area safer and deter all the criminal elements in that area.

* From an anonymous resident quotes are unaltered and published as received.