Stepping into Die Bosvelder was like stepping into a bush lapa. Handmade wooden furniture and darker lighting added to the effect.

We were showed to the smokers’ area, where there was space for a live band and sport showing on a big screen. The music that was playing was loud, but not overpowering.

The sport was also available right next door in the non-smokers area. This area offered a much quieter environment, and will definitely appeal to those who do not necessarily enjoy the rowdiness of a bar.

The biltong and cheese burger we were served with first was a smooth eat. No individual elements stood out, everything was in balance and worked together well. The second burger was something a little more niche, with kaiings and marrowbone. Not necessarily to everyone’s tastes, but some in our group was very impressed with the offering.

A note from the organiser: Onion rings… OMW! By far the best I have had in a very long time. I will be visiting them again but this time with my family. OH, and their coffee is pretty good too.

It is clear why Die Bosvelder is a well-established brand in Centurion. They offer something for everyone. Comforting food, good drink, excellent service, entertainment, as well as a play area for the younger clientele.

Write-up supplied by Carika Barnard Havenga
Photos credited to Rohan Barnard from Photonaut

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