Food trucks are a thing now and Groundhouse Burgers have fully embraced the culture. If street food is something you enjoy, you definitely need to add this to your Centurion food stop bucket list.

We pulled into a driveway, piled out of the bus, and stepped around the corner straight into the food area. Although they don’t have a physical shop (yet), we were welcomed into a garden where delicious smells wafted from the lapa. It felt like visiting your favourite uncle for a family get together.

This group of students have a real passion for food. They explained that they try to focus on burgers you won’t find anyone else. Established in 2015, they cater for the needs and cravings of the current market. They do deliveries over weekends as well as attend local markets whenever they can. They are working towards opening their own restaurant.

And let me tell you, Centurion is all the richer for having them here.

Grilled over the coals with wisps of flames licking the meat, we were treated to a different take on cooking the burger. Marrying the traditional braai with the burger gave us a truly South African burger experience.

A note from the organiser: GroundHouse Burgers was definitely our “unknown” but I suspect they will soon become the “very much known”! I just love the passion with which they talk about their burgers.

They do not believe that burgers should be small, and that is quite evident in the burgers we were served. What a feast!

The real beef patties were infused with that delicious, smoky taste synonymous with braai. We definitely left as happy campers.

Groundhouse Burgers also do events and catering.

Write-up supplied by Carika Barnard Havenga
Photos credited to Rohan Barnard from Photonaut

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