ICTX Solutions has over 15 years Information Technology industry experience ranging from desktop support to infrastructure design and management. We are proud of our extensive knowledge on IT and cyber security. We offer advice and solutions to any security related matters, from prevention to breaches.


For SME’s and home users, we offer you the experience and support of corporate IT at small business rates. We pride ourselves in our well rounded approach to not only understanding your needs and challenges, but communicating our solutions to overcome these challenges and put you back in control of your IT. We offer comprehensive solutions to match your needs and requirements, with competitive rates and exceptional customer service.


For our corporate clients, we strive to offer holistic and comprehensive solutions to improve business uptime, resulting in saving you lost time and money. We work within the pre-determined, defined and agreed parameters relating to time frames, budgets and offer realistic expectations on solutions chosen.  We will advise on risks that you are exposed to, as well as any shortcomings that your current design may have and that of your chosen solution. We will propose a solution to ensure business continuity, disaster recovery plans, and uptime. All solutions are designed, implemented, and maintained based on your needs, for optimal efficiency, avoiding unexpected system malfunctions, security breaches, allowing you to focus on making your business the best that it can be.


Cyber security affects everyone, and if you are concerned about your exposure, speak to us to find out how to protect your business and minimize your risks. We can offer advice on spam, phishing scams, ransomware and theft of personal records. As protecting your company’s reputation and continuity is important to us, we are able to offer solutions to give you the best protection against this billion dollar per annum industry.




At ICTX we have mastered the ‘three leg approach’ to IT, we call this ‘The ICTX Theory’. With any decision that needs to be made, from a solution to be implemented and system to upgrade, hardware to replace and security risks to manage – you can use our approach to make an informed decision.


What this Theory is, is a simple, yet a tried and tested way of explaining the requirements and benefits needed in any type of solution with a benefits and drawbacks associated with the decision.

A simple way of explaining this is that IT consists of three elements (‘legs’) and when making a decision, you can only choose two of these, these are GOOD, FAST and CHEAP.

1 – Speed (Fast)

2 – Costs (Cost Effective)

3 – Quality (Good)


Below are the 3 options when choosing a product:

You can have a Fast and Good system but it’s not going to be Cheap,

You can have a Fast and Cheap system but it’s not going to be Good,

Or you can have a Good Cheap system but it’s not going to be Fast.


At ICTX Solutions, we are not just dedicated to our customers and what we do, we are passionate about offering solutions that you need and taking care of our customers. We believe that all customers are important, and become partners in our success. In turn, our goal is to be your business partner.


Feel free to contact us to discuss anything from the weather to why your computer is slow; what computer to purchase and how to discover what your employees are doing on their computers. We have great coffee, a relaxed atmosphere and a desire to be your partner.


We look forward to partnering with you!


Making tech easy, and with warm regards,


The ICTX Solutions team.

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