This competition is designed to highlight the best our restaurants have to offer. There aren’t any losers but there can only be one true “Burger King”!

🍔 7 Restaurants
🍔 14 Burgers
🍔 10 Judges
🍔 10 Hours

Our Contestants:

Industrial Coffee Works
GroundHouse Burgers
Fleisherei Bistro
Ed’s Diner Centurion
Die Bosvelder Restaurant
Burger Bistro Clubview
The Godfather Restaurant
The Results

Our judges

The judges panel consisted of members from the PWLIC – People who live in Centurion group.

Foodie judges: Willemien Roos, Jacqueline Brown, Carika Barnard Havenga, Deon van Heerden, Lisinda Blaauw

Professional judges:
Pieter Schoeman, Mark Burns, Zacdánïel Janse van Vuuren, Ian Osmond, Johan Barnard

Our Transport:

Our judges were transported by Randbond Kids School Transport and their driver, Igesh Naidu.

Photos credited to Rohan Barnard from Photonaut