Ed’s Diner is a throwback to the heyday of the diner era. Red, vinyl couches combined with bold black and white tiles, comic book covers as wall art, and old newspaper clippings. The 70s vibe is very apparent.

Our first burger we were presented with was The Big Kahuna. And it was big! Ed’s burgers are not necessarily stacked as high as some of the others we have tasted up until now, but they are wider.

A note from the organiser: Ed’s has always been my go to place for cocktails and with their new menu and extended “Happy Hour” I will be going back time and again.

Our second burger, the Crazy Ed, was a completely different experience to any of the others we had until then. The slightly sweeter brioche bun worked well with the sweet onions and cheese – both grilled cheddar and soft brie.

Mr Hitchcock kept watch over us while we were there. He was probably judging the amount of alcohol that had started to flow. Their famous 2 for 1 cocktails dotted the tables, with the beat of old school music playing in the background. It was very obvious why this is such a popular place.

Write-up supplied by Carika Barnard Havenga
Photos credited to Rohan Barnard from Photonaut

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