A number of teams will embark on a trek around Centurion. At every destination, each team must compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical, and only when the tasks are completed will they learn of their next location. Teams who are the farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses. The first team to arrive at the final destination on the 2nd leg wins “The Mimmo’s Amazing Race – Centurion” and the R10 000 in prize money.


Date: 14th December 2019
Time: Sign In at 6AM
Venue: Mimmos @ease Centre, Jean Ave & Gerhard St, Die Hoewes

What you will need to enter

Team of 4
You will need a team of 4 able-bodied people to compete. Pick wisely!
Hint: A good driver, a navigator that knows the town, a team member with agility, a team member with strength.

Reliable car
You will need a reliable car big enough to convey your whole team.
Hint: Ensure that the tank is full and that the driver and car are roadworthy.

Dependable cellphone
You will need a smart phone ( or ) with data and call time.
Hint: Pack in charging cable, power bank and airtime vouchers.

A fair knowledge of Centurion and it’s hidden gems as well as the roads and suburbs.
Hint: GPS devices are allowed.

Time commitment
Please make provision for the whole day in the event that your team qualifies to go through to the final round.
Hint: This competition runs over a full day.

Costs involved
To enter a team there is a registration cost of R800 (R200 per team member).
You will need to provide your own petrol and data.
Hint: We will provide you with lunch and team branding.

Team name
Each team will be matched up with a local business. On the day we will provide you with your team name, branded apparel and branded flags to mark your car. You will effectively be competing for your sponsor.
If you already have your own sponsor, please email details to johannmrx@gmail.com.

Team Sponsors
Each team will need a sponsor for their team. This is for the branding of your apparel and vehicles. The cost per sponsor is R 2000 per team. If you would like to sponsor a team you are welcome to contact us on johannmrx@gmail.com.

We will contact you via email if your team is selected to take part in the race.

* Selected teams will be required to sign an indemnity before the race exempting the organizers, sponsors and locations from any legal recourse or damages you might sustain while competing.

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