Media release
17 February 2017
For immediate release

Early warning of heavy rains over the eastern and northern parts of South Africa this weekend

The City of Tshwane’s Emergency Services would like to give early warning of heavy rainfall expected over the coming weekend. The South African Weather Service informed Disaster Management that from Friday, 17 February 2017, there is a high likelihood of widespread heavy rain over Mpumalanga, Limpopo, parts of North West, and Gauteng. This is mainly due to Cyclone Dineo that is currently raging in Mozambique, and the heavy rains in some areas will be caused by an intense low-pressure system moving in over South Africa.

Due to the heavy rains, rivers and streams will flow strongly, and the danger of flash-flooding should be kept in mind. There have already been heavy rains in parts of Mpumalanga and Limpopo earlier this week, and rivers in these areas are running high. These two provinces run the highest risk for flooding this weekend.

Emergency Services will be on full alert and will monitor all known problematic areas during heavy downpours.

Please take the following precautions:

• People living in low-lying areas must take special care during storms because sudden floods may affect them.
• Residents living next to rivers and streams must evacuate to a safer place or higher ground when the water level rises.
• If you come to a flowing river where the water reaches above your ankles, stop, turn around and use an alternative route.
• Never try to walk, swim or drive in swiftly flowing water; even if the water is only 10 cm deep, it can sweep you off your feet.
• Do not try to drive over a low-water bridge if it is covered with strongly flowing water.
• Educate your children not to swim in rivers, streams and ponds in open areas.
• Do not drive during a severe storm – park in a safe place, away from electricity lines, trees, streams and rivers.
• Keep your important documents in a watertight container.
• Have the following emergency numbers at hand: 10177 and 012 310 6300/6400.

Issued by Emergency Services

For enquiries please contact:

Johan Pieterse
Tel: 012 358 6348
Fax: 086 640 9628
Cell: 082 789 9577